Single Use, Fresh Roasted Organic Coffee Pods

There are many qualities about our Single Use Coffee Pods that make them stand out above the rest. Ours are made with Specialty Grade, single origin, 100% Arabica coffee beans. We only use coffee beans that score 85-95 points on a 100 point scale, making them specialty grade and among the top 5-7% of beans in the world. Ours are only roasted, ground, and packaged AFTER you place your order. You will never find a k-cup on a supermarket shelf that can say that, and we think you will notice the difference in freshness. Since ours are fresh roasted and delivered to you in just a few days, we do not need to  pump nitrogen into ours to preserve freshness like the store bought companies do. Because of this, they are best and most fresh if used within 4 to 6 weeks. Do yourself a favor and try our Fresh Roasted Organic Coffee Pods. I think you'll agree that the difference in freshness and quality is well worth the difference in price.

K and K2 are trademarks that refer to Keurig brand coffee makers. Ours cups are K and K2 compatible.