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Ethopia Harrar (G1) Single Use Organic Coffee Pod

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I know I say all my coffees are special, but the organically farmed Ethiopian Harrar may be my favorite. Ethiopia is said to be the birthplace of coffee. The story claims that coffee beans were discovered when the shephard Kaldi, noticed his sheep seamed jittery and had trouble sleeping after eating berries off of a certain tree. It wasn't long after that that the amazing aroma and flavor of the coffee been was discovered.  The Ethiopian Harrar coffee beans are some of the oldest coffee beans still in production, and are considered to be one of the best and most sought after coffees in the world. The reputation is well deserved as the natural processing method delivers a spicy, full body with an almost wine-like texture and taste. There are approximately 400 small farmers that deliver their coffee cherries to the Kubsitu cooperative where the cherry is meticulously sorted and then placed on raised drying beds in thin layers and carefully dried for 18-21 days.  Normally the coffee cherry is removed from the bean prior to drying, but in this natural process, the coffee bean is dried with the cherry still in tact and then later sent to a hulling machine to remove the dried cherry.  Because the beans are dried with the cherry intact, some of the sweetness and flavor of the cherry is absorbed by the coffee bean during drying, thus giving this coffee it's almost wine-like consistency with distinctive fruity and honey flavors.  I think it is worth trying a natural process coffee atleast once to see if you fall in love!

Harvest: October-December

Altitude: 5800 ft

Soil: Vertisol

Process: Full natural and dried on raised beds

Flavor notes: Berry, Honey, Chocolate

Roast level: Medium

 All of our coffee beans score above 85, most of them scoring around 95 pts, making them Specialty grade coffee beans and among the top 5-7% of coffee beans in the world.

Currently we small batch roast our beans on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  As long as your order is placed by 5:00pm the night before our roasting days, your order will be roasted, packaged and shipped out on the next roasting day.