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Peru Decaffeinated Organic Coffee Pods

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If you are looking for a full flavored decaffeinated coffee, this is it!  How do we lose the caffeine but not the flavor? By using the environmentally friendly, 100% chemical-free Swiss Water Process to remove the caffeine. Starting with immersing the beans in water, the Swiss Water process uses Green Coffee Extract (GCE) which is crafted form natural water soluble compound found in green coffee beans to decaffeinate the coffee. Over time the caffeine slowly separates from the coffee beans into the GCE bath, while the amazing coffee flavor remains. Just like its caffeinated Peruvian counterpart, this coffee is  farmed in the mountainous region of North-Western Peru.  This organically grown coffee is Fair Trade and ethically sourced from Cooperativa Agricola de Servicios Multiples Norandino. Norandino is an umbrella organization that was established in 2005 to support a sustainable coffee supply from three coffee producing cooperatives in the northern regions of Peru. Coffee producers receive training and technical assistance in land management, irrigation, organic farming, productivity, quality control and reforestation programs. Their main objective is to improve the quality of life for the farmers and their families, improve the quality of coffee grown and to sell 100% of their coffee beans to the specialty market.

Harvest: April - September

Altitude: 3600-5600 ft

Soil: Clay minerals

Process: Fully washed and dried in the sun

Certifications: Decaf, Fair Trade, Organic

Flavor notes: Caramel, silky sweet and citrus

All of our coffee beans score above 85, most of them scoring around 95 pts, making them specialty grade coffee beans and among the top 5-7% of coffee beans in the world.

Currently we roast beans on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  If your order is placed by 5:00pm the night before our roasting days, we will roast and ship your order the next day.