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Mexican Mocha Coffee Recipe

What better way to start your day than with an amazing coffee that tastes like it was made by your favorite barista!  We may not be able to visit our local barista these days, but there are plenty of ways to feel like one at home, and luckily there is no special equipment needed to create this masterpiece. And lets face it, being able to enjoy your drink at home, peacefully alone with your thoughts is always a plus for this girl!!    So what makes this drink so special?!?  Well, our Mexico Altura coffee already has flavor notes of chocolate and cinnamon, but actually adding some chocolate and cinnamon....look out!!  This rich creamy drink is sure to please. Look...

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Mexican Coffee and why it shouldn't be overlooked

So in honor of Cinco De Mayo,  lets talk Mexican Coffee!  I don’t know about you, but when I think about Mexico I think of the white sandy beaches, all inclusive resorts, margarita's, and the fun I had all those years at spring break. Needless to say, coffee is definitely not the first thing that pops into my mind when I think Mexico...or at least it wasn’t until the last few years.  Maybe I’m getting old now, or maybe because spring break was more years ago than I care to admit, but there are really some amazing coffees being grown in portions of Mexico and I think it’s time we recognize Mexico as the amazing coffee source that it is! So why...

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What is the fourth wave coffee movement and where do you fall?

  There has been quite the awakening in coffee drinkers over the last century and even more so over the last few decades. So much so that the evolution has been described in waves. From the first wave (think a can of stale Folgers in your parents freezer), through the rising popularity of specialty drinks at Starbucks, to the demand for high quality, ethically sourced specialty coffees that many coffee lovers demand today.  I believe that as individuals we each fall somewhere different in the “waves” of coffee and we each grow and evolve at our own pace. Just the way my taste in wine over the years has evolved from the sickeningly sweet wine that I enjoyed in my...

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