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About Us

Here at  A Beautiful Bean Coffee Company we believe that just like a tiny little coffee bean, you hold so much more potential inside than you or anyone else can imagine.  You are strong, bold and full of goodness that just needs to be realized and used to change the world around you.  When a coffee bean gets into hot water, does it let the water ruin or change it? No, it uses the goodness and strength that it holds inside to change the water into something amazing!! As humans we are stronger than we realize and I am here to encourage you to believe in yourself and know that you hold all of the ingredients and strength inside of you to accomplish so much more than you even think possible!

To fuel all of this greatness you are going to need some good quality coffee to help get you going! We source some of the highest quality, specialty grade coffee beans, directly from the farmers that grow them.  After you place your order, we roast them to perfection in small batches,  bringing out the individual flavors and aromas that make each bean unique. Then we deliver them freshly roasted right to your door as often as you would like.  Don't settle for the stale coffee sitting on the grocery store shelves. Have our high quality coffee delivered to you at the peak of freshness and I'm sure you will taste the difference!

So fuel up with some of our amazing coffee and then get out there and be a beautiful bean!!