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Welcome to A Beautiful Bean Coffee Company!!

         Hello everyone and welcome to my first A Beautiful Bean Coffee Company blog post!!  I just wanted to share a little bit about myself and my company.  I basically started this company because I am in my late 30's and I am at a point in my life where I just want to do something that I am passionate about. I have had a career in the healthcare field since I graduate college at 21, but I am just ready for a change.  My husband and I have been getting coffee beans delivered to us for the last several years and I really enjoy trying coffees from all over the world. I wanted to start a coffee company that offers fresh roasted, specialty grade coffees, so people could have a chance to see how much better truly fresh, high quality coffee can be!  I started out drinking coffee just to give me a little kick in the morning to get me through the day.  I didn't really enjoy the flavor though, and had to have a large amount of flavored creamer to get through that cup!  After switching to higher quality coffees, I can now proudly say that I truly enjoy the flavor and can now drink coffee black!! I never thought that would happen! I am definitely no coffee connoisseur, but I am aspiring to be one. With starting this company I have had to learn a lot, and there is still so much more that I need to learn. I Follow me in this journey and we can learn together!  I know that I will make a lot of mistakes, but I also promise to point them out an laugh about them..a lot! If you don't believe me, check out this blooper reel from one of my videos on my facebook page here! ;)
    I'm not exactly sure yet what to tell you that you will get if you follow along with my blog.  I imagine that I am going to be posting a lot of articles about commonly asked coffee questions. I will try to explain what specialty grade coffees are, what are flavor notes, what is the difference in grind size and when to use fine versus course ground.  I'm hoping that my research for these articles  will allow me to gain much needed knowledge about the coffee world, and that I can pass that on to you all.  I would like to try all of the different coffee brewing methods, pour over, french press, stovetop espresso makers etc...and find the differences and benefits of each one. So I will likely post videos and reviews of how I like each of the different brewing methods.  I love my flower garden, so there may be a smattering of flower arrangements thrown in there as well!!  Who knows what may end up on here, only time will tell!! I am definitely not a writer, so I truly hope that you can ignore all of my future grammatical errors. I am aware that I am a totally flawed individual and am 100% ok with that. 
    Thanks for reading so far, and thank you so much to my family and friends who have supported me in this adventure.  The kind words and encouragement everyone has given me has really meant the world to me.  That support is what has given me the courage to keep going, even when it feels like being successful and standing out in this business is next to impossible!!  There are a lot of coffee companies out there and I appreciate you taking the time and energy to support mine!   Thank you so much, and here's to the journey ahead!!
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