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Specialty Coffee Blends

Blends are exactly what the name beans from multiple regions or countries, blended together to create one single coffee.  In general people choose coffee blends because they are usually more well-balanced and pack a more approachable and gentler taste. With various beans mixed together, coffee blends can produce a harmonious taste that strikes all the chords. Blends have gotten somewhat of a bad rep because in the past, some roasters created blends to use up leftover or stale coffees, or to mask the negative tastes of their lower quality beans.  With our blends you can be sure that they are made up of fresh roasted, specialty grade coffee beans(scoring greater than 80 pts on the coffee grading scale) that are carefully and thoughtfully mixed so that each blend is well-rounded and produces the amazing, high quality aroma and flavor that you expect from A Beautiful Bean Coffee!