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Single Origin, Organic Specialty Coffee

 A single origin coffee means that the coffee beans come from a single producer, crop, or region in one country.  I love a great single origin because I love being able to taste the differences and individual nuances between the coffees grown in each region.  You can taste all of the effort that these small farmers put into growing, picking, processing, and drying each coffee bean. When we roast the single origin beans in small batches, we are able to roast the beans from each region to perfect level to bring out the individual flavors and nuances of each type of coffee bean. We never roast more than 10 lbs of coffee beans at a time, for a truly fresh roasted, artisanal craft coffee experience. Your beans will not be roasted until you place your order, and will be shipped the same day to show up at your door at the peak of freshness. Available as a one time purchase, or as coffee subscription, you can customize your subscription to ship out as often as you like. We can ship them to you as whole bean or if you would like us to grind them for you, we have several options for that as well.